What if there was a community of faith that allowed you to explore issues of life and faith at your own pace?  What if there was a church that celebrated the presence and participation of children of all ages, a church where you could dress casually,  enjoy a variety of music, and be challenged to think about the important issues of your life? What if there was a church that was not afraid to hear your doubts and be challenged by your questions? What if you could find that kind of church?

We believe you just did.

Welcome to First United Church!

Weekly happenings
Every Sunday – Worship is either live streamed (10:30 am) to our Facebook page and uploaded to YouTube by 1 pm, or posted to our  Facebook page and YouTube channel by 10:30 am where you can watch anytime!
Text versions of services are available on the “Prayer and Care” page of this web-site.
Monday’s at 9:30 am – Bible Study via zoom; contact the office for more information. Last gathering June 14. We’ll resume September 13
9:00 am – You’re invited into the Godly Play room for a story and wondering on our Facebook page. We’re taking a break during July. Vacation Bible Camp will share some sessions in August. There are lots of stories on our You-tube channel or Facebook page.
On our Face-book page …
Tuesday’s you’ll find a quote or verse to inspire your stewardship of God’s gifts.
Thursday’s you’ll find a prayer and upcoming readings for worship.
Friday evening we add another question for “Pilgrim’s on the Way”. 
Upcoming events
We are rolling out a rainbow for PRIDE
June 13 & 20 we’ll be exploring wisdom from Indigenous neighbours
June 16 – Godly Play & Prayer at Season’s Retirement
June 17 – 20 – North American Godly Play Conference online from Kansas City
June 27 – Thanks to the Stewardship Team for leading worship
July 4 –  Thanks to Susan Silverthorne for leading worship
July 11 – You’re invited to explore some other worship sites (links are available on “Prayer & Care”)
July 18 – Ruth will be leading worship
July 25 – You’re invited to explore some other worship sites (links are available on “Prayer & Care”)
The Holy Family is on the move … 
You’re invited to join them on the way, perhaps to Bethlehem, perhaps to wherever love is waiting to be born in you. As the daylight hours lengthen, and much of our usual travel is still not possible, you’re welcome to join this pilgrimage.
We’ve posted some weekly pictures and questions for your spiritual reflection below. We invite you to pace yourself! From time to time there will be updates and prayers along the way.
You can make room in your week for a spiritual pilgrimage or you can begin to log the distances you travel in your walking or cycling (please convert your steps/rides to kilometres or miles) and share them with us (but not until late July please). It’s over 10,114 km from Wetaskiwin to Bethlehem, a journey of several years, if we were to try it on our own. But lets see how far we can get together. You’re welcome to extend the invitation to others!
Pilgrimage – a journey, often into an unknown or foreign place; in search of a new or expanded understanding of self, others, nature, or the holy. You may travel virtually or physically, on your own or accompanied by others, with the same companions or open to those unexpected guests who come and go. Whether you’ve a specific destination on the horizon, or an inner space of being, you may discover the transformation happens on the way.

Week 2 – Companions

May flowers spring up
where your feet touch the earth.
May those who have walked before you
bless your every step.
May the weather that’s important
be the weather of your heart.
May all of your intentions
find their way to the heart of God.
~ Macrina Wiederkehr,
“Walk in a Relaxed Manner” Joyce Rupp

Week 3 Direction

“Walking, I am listening to a deeper way.
Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me.
Be still, they say. Watch and listen.
~ Linda Hogan
“Walk in a Relaxed Manner” Joyce Rupp

Week 4 Memories

May friends who are praying for you
carry you along the way.
May friends who are praying for you
be carried in your heart.
May the circle of life encircle you along the way…
May you carry your joy and your grief
in the backpack of your soul.
~ Macrina Wiederkehr,
“Walk in a Relaxed Manner” Joyce Rupp

Week 5 Messengers

God’s dream for us, is not just peace of mind,
but peace on earth.
Wherever the journey takes us, when night falls and the path seems hidden,
May we be open to the angels who rush in,
their hands full of stars,
In exuberant joy, and tear-filled whispers
– don’t be afraid!