What if there was a community of faith that allowed you to explore issues of life and faith at your own pace?  What if there was a church that celebrated the presence and participation of children of all ages, a church where you could dress casually,  enjoy a variety of music, and be challenged to think about the important issues of your life? What if there was a church that was not afraid to hear your doubts and be challenged by your questions? What if you could find that kind of church?

We believe you just did.

Welcome to First United Church!


How is God calling you?

First United Church is a welcoming place to start your spiritual journey or refresh yourself along the way!

In accordance with Alberta Health Services Guidelines, and out of respect for those we serve, we are taking a Sabbath from our Sunday face to face gatherings.
There are still many ways and places to come close to the Holy!
Current worship services are found on the “Prayer and Care” page in text format and with a video link to our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/firstunitedwetaskiwin/
Past month worship services will be on a page of that name.

Looking for other places to worship and wonder? Here’s a link to communities of faith across the country where you might “drop-in”.



Or you might want to take a virtual pilgrimage to further away places. The World Council of Churches is gathering prayers from around the world. #stayathome; #prayathome.


To prepare holy space at home or within anytime, you might try some of the following:
*  Light a candle in a quiet space in your home or as you begin each meal.
*  Take a few moments to quiet your breathing and sing or hum a well- loved Hymn.
*  Say a prayer of thanks for the blessings you have received. Offer a prayer for those who are on your heart/mind and/or anyone who is facing a challenging time.
*  Find a daily rhythm to pause, rest, give thanks, or pray for others.
*  Read one or two of your favourite Biblical stories or a Psalm. Stop and reflect on why you chose these, and how they speak to the way you are feeling right now.
*  Take a walk outside if you are able and look around at all the beauty of our world. Listen to bird song, or the sound of the wind. Reflect on those things we can count on; the sun rising, animals going about their business, the promise of longer days and warmer air.
*  Take time to rest, and renew your souls in ways that are meaningful to you.
*  Reach out to one another via a friendly phone call to pass time and let others know you are thinking about them.
Text versions of our worship are available on the Prayer & Care page as well as links for services posted on our Facebook page.
“See, the former things have come to pass,  and new things I now declare;
before they spring forth, I tell you of them.”   Isaiah 42:9
Wellspring of hope, gather our tears. Tears of anger and frustration – at justice withheld – at power abused – at racism militarized – at respect silenced and the gift of life trampled.
Wellspring of hope, gather our tears. Tears of grief for families separated; for those who have died; for communities divided; for the loss of meaning and hope; for those who greet each day alone; for the loss of hugs and the consolation of gentle touch.
Wellspring of hope, gather our tears. Tears of healing where kindness prevails, where inequity is recognized and addressed; where understanding tills the soil that diversity and peace might blossom and flourish.
Wellspring of hope, gather our tears. Tears of laughter and wonder at friends re-met and renewed; at the beauty of a sunrise we did not expect to see; at the sound of wind in the trees; at the fragrance of the earth after rainfall, and the endless stirring of Your Spirit upon the waters of creation bringing beauty out of chaos, life out of nothing, hope out of tears.
Wellspring of hope, gather our tears. Hold them and all our relations tenderly in Your love. Amen.