First United Church is a welcome place to explore familiar faith and new ways of coming close to the holy. We are a worshiping and faith-living community that encourages, inspires and acts in this world God loves. There are so many voices and expectations that clamour for our attention, it is not always easy to discern God’s call to live justly, to practice kindness and humility. Being part of a community of faith helps. We are stronger together! If you’d like to learn more, make a difference, grow in your faith,  get involved!
Weekly happenings
June Sundays  – You are welcome to join us in person or via the live-stream for worship at 10:30 am or on Facebook or You-tube anytime during the week.
July – There will be no services in person or live-streamed.
There are a variety of services and Godly Play stories already on line with which to reconnect and refresh.
Bible Study will resume in September. 
Cantare Jubilate mixed voices will resume in September.
Women In Song  will resume in September.
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Thursday’s you’ll find a prayer and upcoming readings for worship.
Saturday an invitation to worship …
On Facebook and You-Tube
You’re welcome to check out some of the Godly Play room stories. 
Upcoming events
June 18 – 7:00 pm, Leadership Team Meeting
June 23 – 10:30 am, Worship live and live-stream. Thanks to Carrie Schmidt for leading worship.
June 25 & 26 – Community Kitchen is cooking
June 30 – 10:30 am, Worship live and live-stream. Thanks to Gaie Goin for leading worship.
July – No services.  Live and live-stream services will resume in August.
July 29 – August 1 – VBC “God’s Gardeners” 
The Holy Family is on the move … 
Pilgrimage – a journey, often into an unknown or foreign place; in search of a new or expanded understanding of self, others, nature, or the holy. You may travel virtually or physically, on your own or accompanied by others, with the same companions or open to those unexpected guests who come and go. Whether you’ve a specific destination on the horizon, or an inner space of being, you may discover the transformation happens on the way.

Wisdom in Community

Pilgrims on the Way ~
“Remembering the Children Prayer”
God of our Ancestors, who holds the spirits of our grandmothers and grandfathers and the spirits of our grandchildren, Remembering the Children, we now pledge ourselves to speak the Truth, and with our hearts and our souls to act upon the Truth we have heard of the injustices lived, of the sufferings inflicted, of the tears cried, of the misguided intentions imposed, and of the power of prejudice and racism which were allowed to smother the sounds and laughter of the forgotten children.
Hear our cries of lament for what was allowed to happen, and for what will never be.
In speaking and hearing and acting upon the Truth may we as individuals and as a nation meet the hope of a new beginning. Great Creator God who desires that all creation live in harmony and peace.
Remembering the Children we dare to dream of a Path of Reconciliation where apology from the heart leads to healing of the heart and the chance of restoring the circle, where justice walks with all, where respect leads to true partnership, where the power to change comes from each heart.
Hear our prayer of hope, and guide this country of Canada on a new and different path. Amen
I wonder who you need to remember?
Pilgrims on the Way ~
May flowers spring up where your feet touch the earth. May those who have walked before you bless your every step. May the weather that’s important be the weather of your heart.
May all of your intentions find their way to the heart of God.
~ Macrina Wiederkehr, “Walk in a Relaxed Manner” Joyce Rupp
Pilgrims on the Way ~
May friends who are praying for you carry you along the way.
May friends who are praying for you be carried in your heart.
May the circle of life encircle you along the way…
May you carry your joy and your grief in the backpack of your soul.
~ Macrina Wiederkehr, “Walk in a Relaxed Manner” Joyce Rupp
Pilgrims on the Way ~
Wisdom is practiced. Develop a forgiveness mindset rather than a grievance mindset.
I do believe I have been changed for the better. And because I’ve known you, I’ve been changed for the good. God bless your pilgrim heart with interesting company, as much down as uphill path and a welcome rest before it’s needed.
I wonder who has helped you change for the good?
Pilgrims on the Way ~
I will open my mouth in a parable, I will reveal the hidden meaning of things in the past. Psalm 78:2. Wisdom helps us make meaning. It is not limited to a select few, nor secretive about its lessons. Even when we don’t understand, we can remember and one day we will understand.
I wonder what wisdom you will share with others?
Pilgrims on the Way ~

“Wisdom is so kind and wise that wherever you may look, you can learn something about God.” Catherine of Sienna. Wisdom may also be quite practical. Never sniff a scented candle when it’s lit!

I wonder what you have learned from experience?