Welcome to First United Church
God calls us to create a community of faith where all are welcome and encouraged to participate fully. No matter where you are from, when you were born, how you self-identify, whom you love, or what you believe. We are a community that encourages free inquiry and searching. We are intentional about creating a safe space where diversity (such as age, sexual orientation, gender identity, health, ability, race, socio-economic status or belief) is valued, even when it challenges us. We do this by living God’s welcome, seeking to love as Jesus Christ loves and laughing with the Spirit along the way.
Grace and peace to you all! In the interests of our communities well-being, and in compliance with Alberta Health Services, we have suspended all our events and face to face gatherings until further notice. We make our decision out of deep care and respect for the many partnerships in our community and the people who support First United.
With the recent re-launch plans, we could offer some limited access to events or gatherings, but to do so would put those most at risk more at risk, or exclude some folks completely. Instead we continue to offer worship on-line through Prayer and Care page or on our Facebook page. 
Thank you for your patience, your good humour and your ongoing commitment to God’s mission through First United Church and other community agencies. By following recommended protocols, and pulling together, we hope to move towards the time when we can be together again. Please keep those affected in your prayers.  Please be safe and take care of yourselves!
Spirit move across the face of creation. Where there is division, spread understanding; where there is injustice, strengthen equity; where there is hatred stir up kindness; where there is power temper it with humility and accountability; where there is fear, pour out Your peace. Come, holy Spirit, come.  Amen.