“In the Spirit, let us travel, open to each other’s pain;
Let our loves and fears unravel, celebrate the space we gain.”  Come and Find the Quiet Centre #374 Voices United. 
The people of First United continue to seek ways of being caring community, in spite of the current restrictions around face to face gatherings.
Regular phone calls, email and on-line groups nurture our spirituality and connect us to neighbours without putting each other at risk.
Please contact the office Email uchurch@incentre.net or  (780) 352 2157 for more information.
Regular happenings at First United are currently suspended. The office is open Monday to Thursday from 9 am to noon. Please call ahead if you want to stop by. 
Sundays – Worship will be posted on this site on Thursday before and video on Sundays on Facebook and the link added to the Prayer and Care page
Mondays – 9:30 to 10:30 am, Conversation and Faith group – Stories Seldom Told on-line
3rd Tuesday – 7 pm, Leadership Team – Apr. 21 on-line
Holy Week is an opportunity to explore the final week of Jesus’ life. I wonder where you will enter the story?
Apr. 6 – 11 Stations of the Cross on-line
Apr. 10 – Good Friday worship – on-line
Apr. 11 – Easter Vigil – on-line
Apr. 12 – Easter Celebration – on-line