“As the Wind Song through the Trees, as the stirring of the breeze, so it is with Spirit of God, … 
Never seen, ever known where this wind has blown bringing life, bringing power to the world.”  
Shirley Erena Murray
With the rush of wind and sound,  in the calm still voice, the Spirit comes upon us and moves us into new ways of living and being. 
However you re-enter or wherever your find yourself in this re-launch time, may you know God’s Spirit breathing new life and hope into you!
The Leadership Team of First United has agreed that will continue to gather and worship on-line for June and July. We want time to prepare and have the building ready to welcome people when the time is right and we can help maintain well-being. 
Regular phone calls, email and on-line groups nurture our spirituality and connect us to neighbours without putting each other at risk.
Please contact the office Email uchurch@incentre.net or  (780) 352 2157 for more information.
Regular happenings at First United are currently suspended. The office is open Monday to Thursday from 9 am to noon. Please call ahead if you want to stop by. 
Sundays – Worship will be posted on this site on Thursday before and video on Sundays on this site on the Prayer and Care page and on our Facebook.
Mondays – “Welcome to the Godly Play Room” posts on Facebook 
Midweek – Prayer and Scripture for upcoming Sunday worship
3rd Tuesday – 7 pm, Leadership Team – June 16 on-line
June 4 – Fundscrip orders due June 4 Note change of date
June 7 – Stewardship Service; Readings: Micah 6:6-8, Matthew 5:43-48
June 14 – Giving Thanks for Saints – Past, Present & Future
Sacrament of Communion, presentation of Grad quilts;
Readings: Romans 5:1 – 5, Matthew 9:35 – 10:1
June 21 – National Indigenous Day; Readings:  Psalm 20. Page 742 VU with refrain, Acts 10: 1-20
June 28  – “Sent out in Jesus’ name”; Readings: Acts 18:1 – 11, Matthew 10:40 – 42